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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clients do you work with?

  • We work with teachers, administrators, and other professionals in K-12 and post-secondary education who are looking for a fiduciary, financial planner who specializes in the unique aspects of their finances. Typically, our clients come to us looking for guidance on how to simplify their finances and achieve their goals. Our clients range from first year teachers who want to build a solid foundation to veteran teachers planning for retirement, or who have already retired. We enjoy working with teachers and their families from all walks of life and from all different areas of the United States.

I'm not rich? Do I need a lot of money to work with a financial planner?

  • We started our firm on the premise that everyone deserves the ability to work with a fiduciary financial planner, no matter how much or how little money they may have. Most of our clients aren't "rich". They're everyday teachers who want to work with someone who can help them make the right decisions so they can manage, grow, and protect their finances. And we hear it day after day from our clients that the value they receive goes above and beyond what they pay in fees, usually from both a convenience and a dollars and cents perspective. In our eyes, it's not about how much money you have, it's about how you can utilize it to live an exceptional life. If you would like to learn more out our fees, please visit this page: Our Fees

What is financial planning? It has to do with investing, right?

  • Financial planning involves the detailed review and analysis of all facets of your financial situation. It includes spending, saving, debt, benefits, investing, taxes, retirement planning, college planning, estate planning, insurance, and privacy & identity theft protection. We've found that a comprehensive review of all these areas allows us to understand your true financial situation and then tailored recommendations can be made and proper planning accomplished together. 

You mentioned the words  "fiduciary" and "independent". What do they mean and are they really that important?

  • We believe serving as a fiduciary for our clients is paramount. This standard is a world of difference and signifies the strongest commitment to putting clients first and minimizing conflicts of interest. Independence is also incredibly important, leading us to be able to chart our own path and serve clients to the best of our ability, without any top-down  mandates or conflicts getting in the way.

Can I work with you if I don't live in Indiana?

  • Absolutely! We're set up so we can provide our services 100% virtually and work with clients throughout the United States. Right now, we have clients in 20+ states, including Indiana, California, Florida, Texas, Wisconsin, and Washington. And, we're excited to keep adding to this list!  

Would you be willing to speak about personal finances at my school/event/etc.?

  • Absolutely! We're available for conferences, educational events, and even professional development sessions and can work with you to create a custom presentation or utilize one of the many presentations we currently have available on a variety of financial topics. Please contact us for more details or to make arrangements.

In the past, I've heard or seen the name(s) An Exceptional Life Financial and Wealth of Confidence, but now I see Teach Plan Retire. What gives?

  • Our firm has a rich history that continues to unfold each day. Both An Exceptional Life Financial and Wealth of Confidence are previous names our firm used before we merged everything together and began going by Teach Plan Retire. So, at different points in time, you likely heard about us under different names. We hope to have an "Our History" page ready for this website soon, but until then, here's a brief run down:
    • In 2017, An Exceptional Life Financial was founded by Mychal Eagleson in Indianapolis, IN to focus on financial planning for teachers. The name was so that we could always begin with the end in mind, focusing financial planning on helping clients build and live exceptional lives. Since, at the end of the day, money is just a tool that makes life happen.
    • Also, in 2017, Wealth of Confidence was founded by Breanna Reish in Riverside, CA to focus on financial planning for teachers. The name was chosen to focus on the great feeling of confidence that comes as a result of financial planning and all the things that it makes possible.
    • In 2021, Mychal and Breanna decided to merge the two firms underneath the An Exceptional Life Financial name. 
    • In 2022, since it speaks so well to who we are and what we do (and since we'd be using it as our handle on Facebook & Twitter for so long) we rebranded the firm under the name Teach Plan Retire.

I'm excited and ready to schedule a meeting with one of your Financial Planners. How do I get started?

  • Interested in working with us? Complete our Financial Planning Application below to request an introduction meeting!

Financial Planning Application

Introduction meetings are a no-cost, no obligation way to get to know each other.