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Student Loan Planning for Teachers

Teachers are unlike many professions, where it can be a requirement to get additional education in order to move up on the pay scale! It starts with your undergraduate degree. Then you start tacking on additional degrees including a Master’s, Ed. Specialist, and Doctorate. Ok, you might not have every degree mentioned, but it’s safe to assume you have a few. During this process, many teachers have to take on crushing student loan debt, leading them to wonder... what now?

Our firm has a Certified Student Loan Professional (CSLP®) on staff who specializes in working with school district employees. We determine if pursuing student loan forgiveness is the best option, and if so, what the best route is to get there.

Trying to determine how to best handle your student loans can feel like taking on a second full-time job and can be extremely overwhelming! But, don’t worry! We have seen hundreds of student loan data files and can work with you to figure out what will work best for your unique situation.

It starts with a conversation where we ask some basic questions about your:

  • Family 
  • Work History
  • Salary
  • Current Loans 
  • And a few other details

The student loan landscape has been changing at an unbelievably fast pace, so make sure that you have a partner who can help you pay the lowest amount possible, while maximizing your potential forgiveness. Schedule your intro session to see what's possible:

Schedule a Student Loan Planning Consultation

**As a reminder, everything involving your finances is intertwined. For the best overall value, take a look at Financial Planning for Teachers. Through insurance, tax, and retirement planning, there is a potential to greatly reduce the amount you pay towards your student loans.**